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Prostate Support

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    • Help balance male hormone levels
    • Help prevent inflammation and swelling
    • Improve circulatory and urinary functions
    • Saw Palmetto Berry: is traditionally used for the genitourinary tract to help reduce inflammation associated with BPH.
    • Pygeum Bark: has been shown to help improve urinary flow and relieve other symptoms of BPH.
    • Lycopene: is a powerful antioxidant shown to concentrate in the male prostate gland.
    • Vitamin E: is an essential vitamin that prevents oxidation of free radicals in the body.
    • Beta Sitosterol: inhibits the action of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which converts testosterone into DHT. DHT is one of the contributing factors to BPH.
    • Quercetin: is one of natures powerful anti-inflammatories shown to support prostate health.
    • Zinc: studies have shown that zinc deficiency results in prostate enlargement.
    • Boron: trace mineral shown to support prostate health.