Swerve All-Natural Sweetener Granular — 12 OZ

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Quick Overview

  • The Ultimate Sugar Replacement
  • Granular
  • Zero-Calories & Glycemic Index
  • Natural
  • Tastes, Bakes and Measures Like Sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO

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Product Description

Swerve is a great tasting, natural sweetener that measures cup-for-cup just like sugar – without the bitter aftertaste or digestive discomfort of other sweeteners. It’s perfect for baking, cooking and sweetening your favorite foods and beverages. Swerve is a unique blend of non-GMO ingredients that are derived from fruits and vegetables. It contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives or flavors. Join the Swervolution!

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10 reviews for Swerve All-Natural Sweetener Granular — 12 OZ

  1. RDaletto

    LOVVEEEE. I started keto a couple of weeks ago and have started buying almond flour and replacement sugars for baking and things. I have a few other artificial sweeteners and they all have a very off taste with an even worse after taste. I was expecting much the same except the “menthol” cooling after effect most reviewers have mention and was pleasantly surprised. I always drank much coffee extremely sweet with 4 spoons of sugar. So, I attempted that with swerve just to see how it would be and was very surprised when the sweetness wasn’t so artificial but more subtle. And the coolness after effect is nowhere near as strong as some of the negative reviewers insisted. I was expecting the ‘after-you-brush-your-teeth’ cool. But I was not. Def a slight feeling, almost a rise at the back of your tongue but nothing compares to some of those butter after tastes from other sweeteners. I will def be using this for baking here and there when I really need a fix.Downside: at $10 for less than a pound……its a bit steep.

  2. J. Bridges

    If erythritol does not bother your gut, then this sweetener may be ok for you. I discovered the hard way that my digestive tract really does not like that substance, and suffered for days with nasty cramps and bloating after using this product. The only reason I tried it was because Dr. Gundry recommended it. Lesson learned…

  3. Andrea Hoffman

    Terrible stuff. It has a horrible after taste. I’ve tried several of these kind of sweeteners and this is the worst. Also, I used the equivalent of the amount of sugar I usually measure, and it was way too sweet. So, please use less. I had to dump an entire pitcher of iced tea because this sweetener was so awful.

  4. Jade

    This has a terrible after taste. Used as said, just like sugar. Used to bake a Keto recipe (Lemon Pound Cake). Had no sweetness, just terrible after taste. Ruined the cake. Used the Swerve powdered in the icing. It was actually good. Now I use the Swerve powdered in place of the granulated. Will probably end up throwing all the granulated away. Total waste of money. Naïve on my part believing those that said the granulated had no after taste. I’ve never had a sugar-substitute that didn’t have an after taste. Until I decided to do Keto, I NEVER did sugar-substitutes for that very reason.

  5. Bruce E. Sonvico

    I’d have given it zero stars if I could but it wasn’t an option. First off after opening the bag it smelt horrible had an old stale aroma. Should have stopped there but I seen so many good reviews I tried it in my coffee. People who stated in their reviews that this so called sweetner has no aftertaste’s must have had their taste buds removed. This stuff tasted horrible and left an alcohol aroma / taste in my mouth. I’ve had straight erythtitol before ( the main ingredient in Swerve) with no adverse effects or aftertaste. I don’t know what they’ve added to swerve but my advise is Swerve clear of this sweetner because I’m my opinion it’s a waste of money. Oh yea I tried to return it and amazon said it’s non returnable.Update: I contacted the manufacturer of the product and they refunded my money. Finally a company that stands behind their product.

  6. MyOpinion

    This granular Swerve product has a delicious sweet flavor that I can honestly describe as tasting identical to regular high glycemic index white granulated sugar on a ratio of 1:1. I’ve tried almost every sweetener out on the market, aside from the notably unhealthy ones such as aspartame, saccharine, sweet n’ low, etc., and this is one of the only products that really tastes good to me. Many sweeteners claim to approach the sweetness of sugar yet have something “off” about them; something of a bitterness or a strange aftertaste or weird coolness to them, but Swerve has a nice clean sweetness…no lingering foreign flavor or aftertaste. I do have concern about the ~mystery ingredient~ which they chose to label as a “natural flavoring”…really? What in the world is it? Could they be any more vague!? Although “natural flavoring” is an acceptable term per FDA criteria, I personally do not find it acceptable and feel it lacks honesty and clarity. From what I’ve read about “natural flavorings,” it could be just about anything from fruit extract, a spice, yeast, MSG, a product from roasting (?), an essential oil, a distillate (huh?), etc….need I say more? That is a “whatever” ingredient which allows the manufacturers to do what ever they will…So how do we know what they use as a “natural flavoring” isn’t something that will cause someone an allergic reaction or some other kind of unhealthy response? Not right! A honest company would be more upfront as to specifically what it is they’re putting into their product if they really care about their customers! The other thing I dislike is that Swerve becomes a solid hard mass even when placed it into a sealed container; I have to take a knife and chip away at the solid block it’s become in order to use it and I live in a very dry climate! Also the texture is a little strange with a sort of graininess to it which I’m not sure about. For those reasons I’ve taken off 2 stars, maybe should have taken off 3 stars and only give 2 stars.

  7. Crazy4critters

    Has an awful artificial sweetener aftertaste. In addition, I didn’t know sugar alcohols are super harsh on digestive systems so people with IBS or other issues should avoid. I’ve only used this twice and have a very upset system. Not good. Threw the entire bag in the trash this morning.

  8. Rick R. Reed

    I’ve tried many sweeteners in my time–Stevia, Splenda, Sweet ‘n Low, etc.–and have never had any problem with any of them (other than wishing they tasted EXACTLY like sugar). I’d heard and read good things about Swerve when I started a Keto diet. While it may work great for some, and I had no issues with the taste or its ability to dissolve, I did have a gastrointestinal issue with it. I had bad diarrhea within a very short time of ingesting it. It happened on the first day I tried. I wanted to give it a second chance, so I again had some in my coffee the second day. BAM! It was like I was prepping for a colonoscopy. Regretfully, because I’m cheap, I had to throw the entire bag away. My advice–see if you can try a sample before investing in this. You don’t want to find out the hard way as I did that this upsets your system.


  9. Cheryl

    Claims to be like sugar in baking. It’s not. It’s very expensive and I had to throw away the baked goods that I made because noone in my family would eat them. Taste and texture very different from sugar.

  10. linda (store manager)

    Its very healthy
    thanks mysoul

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